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At Basejoy, we are building data tools that we ourselves wanted: easy-to-use, easy-to-buy, and most importantly, powerful enough to make our daily work lives better.

We are a team of data engineers and entrepreneurs who have suffered the consequences of broken data: the busted products, the surprise customer calls, the hours to restore backups.

We have built different processes and developed many custom scripts to try to get ahead of data issues, but what we have always wanted was a powerful, easy-to-use off-the-shelf tool that we can rely on to monitor our data, the same way we can rely on tools like Datadog and Sentry to monitor our infrastructure and applications.

So now we are building Basejoy to be the data monitoring tool we wish we had!

Say Hello 👋!

We always love to hear from folks in the ecosystem. Say hi to us: [email protected].