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What Is Basejoy?

Basejoy is a hosted monitoring service for data in transactional databases, such as MySQL, Postgres, and SQL Server.

Basejoy actively tracks the health of the data inside databases and is distinct from tools that monitor the performance health of databases. While tools like Datadog Database Monitoring, Percona MM, and Performance Insights from AWS can surface slow queries, memory issues, and connection metrics, Basejoy checks the health of the actual data, ensuring that data freshness, count, and distribution are as expected.

How Does Basejoy Work?

Basejoy consists of 3 parts:

  1. A data collector that connects to a database
  2. Health checks that detect errors in the data inside the database
  3. A dashboard and alerting system that provides visibility into data issues


Once Basejoy connects to the database, the configurable health checks will automatically run. Health check results are available on a dashboard, and users are alerted if there are data anomalies.

Why Basejoy for Databases?

While the "modern data stack" (which places a data warehouse like BigQuery or Snowflake in the center) is gaining popularity, Basejoy is built for companies that rely on MySQL, Postgres, or SQL Server as their main data stores.

For example, while doing a volume check can be "inexpensive" on a data warehouse, it can take a long time on a MySQL table. Basejoy has developed MySQL-specific volume checks that approximate count quickly without slowing down the database.