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Use Cases

While Basejoy is just opening to the general public, it has already been used to monitor data used by millions of users.

Podcast Data Monitoring


A leading provider of podcast intelligence has a complex infrastructure that processes millions of RSS feeds daily and stores the data on an AWS RDS instance running MySQL. Customers of this provider expect timely details on every podcast episode.

Given the complexity of the architecture, any number of networking, caching, ingestion, and parsing issues can cause a data delay. Basejoy is used to monitor the MySQL instance, making sure that data is flowing in as expected. The provider is alerted if there are any data delays or volume differences, so that its engineers can fix issues before they impact customers.

Blockchain Data Monitoring


An authoritative cryptocurrency website loads on-chain transactions from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchains onto a Postgres database hosted on GCP, with different tables storing data from different blockchains. The data is then used by industry professionals to analyze cryptocurrency activities.

Occasionally, blockchain nodes can get out of sync, resulting in delayed data. Basejoy is used to monitor the database and engineers are alerted if there is a delay. Because each blockchain has a different "block time," Basejoy is configured differently for each blockchain, so that the health checks are appropriate for each table.